Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First product photo session

My purses
Not having the foggiest about such things, I've been reading The Crafters Guide to Taking Great Photos by Heidi Adnum. I've found it a brilliantly helpful book which in the first half gives clearly explained information about cameras, light, composition etc. The second half focuses on taking photos of specific craft products by topic such as bags, jewellery and fashion. Plus all the photos throughout are gorgeous and inspirational in themselves.

Ready to go out for the day
Yesterday I grabbed my camera and played around with my products, working their thang and styling them up, and trying to find the right mode and light. I need much more practise but came up with a few shots I like.

Iphone snug
If I'm to open an online shop obviously the photos of the products I'm selling are one of the most important things to concentrate on.
With her friend Ms Iphone

Hubby told me I should take the photos with no labels on. Do you think he's right?
Hanging out with her other pals
Snack bag
My favourite photo, what a cheeky face

I haven't got into my stride yet, or found the best light but I'm looking forward to much more practise as this was a lot of fun!


  1. I like the photos and the products! However, like your hubby said, maybe without the tags, you don't normally see photos on Etsy with tags on, but it's got to be your choice. Most of all have fun!

    1. You're right, you don't see tags on the photos on Etsy. Definitely something to think about. Thanks Magpie Mimi.

    2. Hi Micala!

      Love your purses:)
      I would like to buy you one!
      Can you please send me the quotation to my email?
      Your photos are lovely and your work is so well done:)
      Congrats and keep doing it with love:)

    3. Hi Anna,

      Your lovely words have brought a big smile to my face, thank you so much.

      I've sent you an email.

      Have a lovely weekend, Micala


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