Friday, November 9, 2012

The Decorate Workshop book launch

Well I'm back from my dash to London and Holly Becker's Decorate Workshop book launch. This was my first time at a book launch and my first time meeting blogging people and I was really nervous as I climbed the stairs to the event. These nerves weren't helped when I saw there were lots of people who seemingly already knew each other. Eeek! I loitered on the outskirts of the group for a little while and then decided to make a plunge into the group. Thankfully there was a face I recognised so I happily walked towards her, so pleased and gushy as it was Susannah Conway! I was so happy to meet her and she is as lovely and natural in real life as in her courses and blog. Can you tell it was the highlight of my evening?

Soon the event started and we took a seat. Holly and Will from Bright Bazaar opened the floor with an interview about the book. Holly is the sole author of Decorate Workshop and spoke excitedly about the book and the work that went into producing it. She was natural and down to earth and as the audience I think we all felt included in the conversation. Their interview was very informative, especially about styling different homes.

I couldn't buy the book at the event as it's so big it wouldn't fit in my hand luggage on the plane. But it's a gorgeous book and jam packed with information, written in Holly's friendly voice and I will be placing an order with Amazon soon!

My heart is still a-flutter at meeting these ladies and going to my first book launch. From left to right, Holly Becker, me and Susannah Conway.

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  1. Such a lovely pic! Sorry I didn't get to meet you (I was there too) but hopefully next time :-)


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