Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 gorgeous Big Cartel shops

It's exciting times here at rose & lula, with a new blog design coming soon as well as an online shop! I have about 1000 things I need to learn about product photography, SEO, google analytics, sewing processes, making a logo and business cards (and that's just off the top of my head).

My online shop will be on Big Cartel. I think (hope) it's a great way to get started without spending a fortune each month (my plan is 9.99 USD/month) but they even have a free plan.

Here are 10 gorgeous shops I found which are using Big Cartel as their shopping cart platform:

1.  Bookhou
Bookhou is my absolute favourite for the minimal styling and lots of white space, not to mention their beautiful products.

2. Zu

On the Zu site I love the white space and the way the products all go together. Isn't that yellow flower teatowel gorgeous!

3. W & K Studio

This is a beautifully customised site. I really like the heart price tags and the way the product photos fit in completely with the style of the banner.

4. Urban Aviary

So much to love. The products are beautiful and I love the styling of the photography. And the square images and of course the white space.

5. Random Objects

Even though I have a penchant for white backgrounds, I really love the logos at the top of the site. It's really easy to navigate and not fussy.

6. Scotty Five Alive

Lots of white space, lovely big photos and I like the way their prints are presented next to their tote bags.

7. Ever Ours

Really easy to navigate, stylish and minimalist. Love!

8. Handmade by Sara Kim

Crumbs. This site is a real visual treat. The gorgeous photography gives a floaty, romantic feel to the site. It feels quite anthropologie inspired. Plus 10% of the proceeds of sales goes to help children through global giving. Yes!

9. Noé and Zoë Berlin

I find this site sweet and simple. And you can't go wrong with pink and grey :)

10. Satsuma Press

There's a fresh, organic feel to this shop which I really like. I love the styling of the products.

Do you have any favourite shops on Big Cartel?

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