Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How the inauguration went

J'avais les mains qui tremblaient pendant tout le trajet pour aller à la galerie, mais heureusement mon mari était là pour m'en tenir une. Il y avaient déjà beaucoup de gens lorsque l'on est arrivé, et l'ambiance était décontractée. La boutique, qui s'appelle Ateapic, se démontre des autres magasins à Genève. Quand on a un cadeau à offrir, la boutique veut que les genevois le trouvent chez elle. Il y avaient beaucoup de jolies choses à des prix abordables.

My hands were shaking all the way to the gallery, but luckily my husband was there to hold one of them. When we arrived there were already lots of people, and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed. The boutique stands out from other shops in Geneva. Their goal is to be the place to go to when you need to buy a present and there were lots of lovely things in a good price range.

Love the lampshades which are made of mashed paper and concrete
J'aurais aimé rencontrer les autres createurs, mais il y avait tant de personnes que ce n'était pas possible. Un problème positif on dirait!

I would have like to meet the other artists but there were so many people it wasn't possible. That must be termed as a positive problem!

Lots of articles are presented in these cardboard cylinders
Some rose & lula goodies in a crate next to the till - look there's a hole where a snack bag used to be!
Each creator is represented by a flower growing in a pot
Lots of people
From left to right: me, Silke (Lulu's Wardrobe) and Petra (Pebbles and Bloom), my creative partners in crime.
We're so happy we each have products at the boutique.
Our supportive husbands (Guillaume's on the right)
rose & lula in a shop window!!!!
Un grand merci de vos messages d'encouragement qui m'ont fait du bien.

Thank you so much for your encouraging messages which really helped me!


  1. Congratulations on your boutique! I too would love to start a business in a creative field. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE your catch phrase "a blog for catching dreams." That has inspired me! I am visiting from the BYW 2.0 class. I'd love to see your about page jazzed up for the assignment. Your picture is great already!

  2. Hi Elaine, thanks for popping by and a huge thank you for your encouraging words. Yesssss for the about page, I'm going to do my BYW homework. Glad you like the photo, I wasn't sure after Holly's lesson as she doesn't like the hand held ones. Look forward to "speaking" some more soon!

  3. Wow! This looks amazing! I'm so happy for you! It must feel really good to take that leap. It really is fun reading about your journey. We are in such a similar place : )


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