Monday, October 31, 2011

Mollie Makes Me Happy

My Mum was here last weekend and brought me, along with a major stash of teabags, the latest copy of Mollie Makes magazine. I have been hooked on this magazine since I first saw the first edition at the newsagents in the UK, and what's more is that it's produced in Bath which is near to my hometown. We're now at issue 6 and it just gets better and better. I immediately settled down with a big cup of tea to read this visual feast.

Mollie Makes concentrates on making, thrifting, collecting and crafting. Every issue comes with a really cute craft kit. This month's is a gorgeous little coin purse and the double bonus is that I have recently been wondering how to make these (I love how they open and close).

As I flicked through I fell in love immediately with Jeanette Lunde's work. Scandi style at its very best - minimalist but cosy, white but colourful, homely but modern. Jeanette's blog is beautiful - she seems very sweet, her photos are stunning and her style is inspiring. Not surprisingly she's been featured in many magazines and books so I fear I am rather late in discovering her. It is instant blog love. Jeanette has also been poring lots of time (how does she do it??) into putting together a digital magazine ByFryd.

Back to Mollie Makes, and there are lots of interesting articles covering various crafts - even if you can't actually knit or crochet (I can't) the photography is so gorgeous it still draws you in. As I live in France we've looked into an overseas subscription. You can also get it as a digital version but then you don't get the little craft kits. Hmmm. For the time being I will rely on "Mum post"!

If you're not already hooked, check out the little promo film for Mollie Makes here.


  1. Great job on the BYW homework! The simple photo arrangements work perfectly. This reminds me that you don't have to muck up a pretty shot with too much styling.

  2. gorgeous simplicity. lovely styling! a cup of tea and a favourite mag =perfect combination.
    leah {of sangthebird}

  3. Thankyou so much ladies. You can't imagine how excited I am to read my first comments, and such encouraging ones at that!

  4. So sweet your post. Congrats for your first week. Looking forward for more posts.


  5. Hi Micala, I am also a subscriber of Mollie Makes and I love it!! You did a wonderful review. So glad to discover your blog. xox Diana

  6. Dear Micala!

    Thank you for your sweet words on mail and on your blog.
    I know how it is to start blogging and every exiting side about it.
    I wish you all the luck in the world and will soon visit you again!

    Best wishes Jeanette :)

  7. hello!!! don't we all just love a nice cuppa and a bit of Mollie!!!! - thought i would put myself down as your first follower!!! - when i started my blog earlier this year, i remember when i got my first follower...i smiled all day!!! (and then felt the pressure of remembering to do my blog!!!!)... anyway...good luck with it all...and i look forward to reading more (no pressure or anything......) Caroline XXX

  8. Mollie is my favorite magazine too. Its a wonderful magazine. Makes me wish I live in England. I also like your blogging style. You are very good.

  9. Love the blog Rose and Lula and, as a fellow fan of Mollie Makes, I totally agree with your glowing review! I'm new to blogging myself and would appreciate some followers if anyone fancies a bit of extra reading over their cups of tea?? I make canvas artwork for children's rooms but I blog about all things craft/tea/cake/baby/friends etc etc related too! Please take a peek if you have a spare moment - thank you! Vicky x

  10. Hi Micala! Love the post - yours was so much more in-depth than mine! :-) Great job!! I'm looking forward to reading more from you! Count me as a new follower :-) Happy Wednesday! ~ Jennifer

  11. Hi Micala! Found you on BYW and love your review - wish we had this magazine in South Africa. Our craft mags are somewhat lacking.... Good luck wiyj rose and lula -it looks great!


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