Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Social entreprise business model: SEVENLY

social entreprise: sevenly

Ever since I can remember I've been thankful for living in a safe place. I think about how different my life would be had I been born in a war torn land or a poverty stricken country (or both). With setting up rose & lula I want to build giving back into my business model, and so have been researching other businesses doing the same.

I came across the company Sevenly through Erin Giles' website.

Sevenly work with 52 charities throughout the year, designing and selling tops and totes for men and women. These designs change every week. $7 of each sale goes to the charity being spotlighted that week. Their innovative social media strategy makes each client (Sevenly call them "supporters") feel totally involved in the success of the charity and Sevenly. There is a film explaining the mission of the charity of the week, as well as updates of the amount raised. This week's charity is Destiny Rescue who are rescuing girls from sex slavery in Thailand. You can see how many girls have been rescued already this week on Sevenly's facebook page.

Source: Sevenly
It's such a great idea to have limited editions of the tops and totes - as they are only available for a week Sevenly's supporters are encouraged to keep coming back. Many of the tops are $22 which means with $7 of each sale going to charity Sevenly are giving 30%. Not too shabby!

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