Friday, September 14, 2012


Long time, no post...

Our family is in a transition period with the kiddywinks both starting back at school and me wanting to get going with the business. Christmas is coming!

But I'm feeling big resistance. Huge questions. Major doubts. In me I mean, my family is really supportive.

It's so odd as I've been waiting for this moment for a long time (as well as dreading both my babies being out of the house) and now it's here, I'm feeling resistance.

A friend has told me to take my time in this change phase. So I'm listening and taking slow steps. This week I'm sorting out the studio and updating the furniture. I had coffee with a friend. I'm walking the dog. The house is lovely and tidy. I did some doodling in a sketchbook. I had a rest.

I'm waiting for the sewing machine to call me back. She will.

Are you struggling with the switch after the summer?

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