Saturday, December 24, 2011

Market update and a lovely video

Hello everyone,

I'm so sorry for not updating before. We have lost our camera - gahhhhhh - so I have nothing to show you after the two Christmas markets.

I can happily report though that both were a fantastic experience. The learning curve was pretty steep from making business cards, pricing, display and packaging and I loved every minute of it. The best top tip I can give from learning the hard way is NOT to stay up late trying to make new creations the night before the market - it leads to lots of mistakes, consequential swearing and resulting items that I ended up leaving at home through the shame of it. Ho hum, I'll know for next time.

There were a few items that sold really well, and some that completely sold out(!!) so that's really helping me to pinpoint my key products. I also found that the more items I make, the more ideas I have to make other things. I'd heard about this "creativity breeds creativity" theory before, but never actually managed to allocate so much time to creating before.

Since the markets I am left with feelings in equal measure of pure excitement about where I am going with this dream of mine to work from home and of achievement too - I have to keep pinching myself that I actually made and sold items at a market!

For now I plan on spending the next few days chilling and celebrating with my family. They have been so supportive with my dreams and I am so grateful to have them.

I wish you a wonderful holiday time with your friends and family. I shall leave you with this lovely (short) video which I found on sense and grace's blog. I live in hope for a similar Christmas morning in our house :)

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